Traffic Management & Monitoring

Dubai Traffic Police have completed tests comparing Vitronic Poliscan speed enforcement systems to standard radar systems on one of the city`s main roads. According to officials the LIDAR-based Vitronic systems came out six times more efficient than conventional technologies. The tests were part of a program to better enforce tailgating…
Just how will economic pressures, spiralling emissions and the advent of electric cars impact the UK’s road infrastructure? In September, the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport hoped to answer with its ‘Vision 2035’ report, detailing a future landscape including hybrid vehicles, controversial road pricing and even underground freight pods.
Tackling congestion often seems like an unwinnable war but several cities have managed to make sizeable inroads. Here we profile a few of these schemes including congestion charges in Stockholm, Singapore's area licensing scheme, Norway's cordon charge and a bold e-car trading scheme in Paris. Frances Cook reports.
Could platoons of vehicles, each linked to the other to form an urban train, hold the answer to EU congestion worries? Elly Earls meets Tom Robinson and Carl Bergenhem of the Safe Road Trains for the Environment (SARTRE) project to find out how the concept of 'road trains' could contribute…
Crowd-sourcing via smartphone apps and GPS devices is revolutionising the way in which traffic information is collated and analysed. Julian Turner talks to Jim Bak, director of community relations at US crowd-sourcing pioneer INRIX, about cutting-edge apps, democratic data and the I-95 Coalition.
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