The most northerly African country, the Tunisian Republic (Tunisia) has a population of around 10 million. This is mainly concentrated around the coastline in the north and east, with well over 10% in the metropolitan area of the capital, Tunis. A French territory for over 70 years that gained full independence in 1956, Tunisia has one of the most diversified and successful economies in Africa.

Freight Rail is the largest division of rail operator Transnet and has approximately 25,000 employees throughout South Africa. It maintains an extensive rail network across the country that connects with other rail networks in the sub-Saharan region, with its rail infrastructure representing about 80% of Africa's total.

The Gauteng Signalling Project aims to replace the obsolete signalling system currently in use on the Gauteng railway network with an advanced electronic signalling system. The project is part of a R17bn ($1.97bn) national re-signalling programme being undertaken by the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA).

Nigeria's largest city Lagos is constructing a light rail system under a public private partnership (PPP). The project is sponsored by the Lagos State Government (LSG) and will be developed by Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority (LAMATA) on behalf of LSG.

Awash Woldia/Hara Gebeya Railway Project is a new railway line being constructed between the Ethiopian towns Awash and Woldia.

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