EBACE: Lufthansa Technik showcases Fireless Fireplace

Lufthansa Technik is inviting EBACE attendees to cosy up to its 'Fireless Fireplace', as it demonstrates a design study of the imitation fire for the first time on its stand.

Responding to demand from private jet customers for a cabin interior that is "as cosy as their living room at home", Lufthansa Technik says it has found a way of recreating the look and feel of a real fireplace onboard an aircraft while keeping within the stringent safety regulations.

The Fireless Fireplace simulates a real fire by using technology that illuminates a combination of water mist and imitated burning wood to create a three-dimensional impression of a fire, in which the flame part remains cold.

The heat, sound and intensity of the fire can be adjusted by remote control.

Excluding the surrounding interior design, the Fireless Fireplace weighs in at 30kg (66lb), with a power consumption level of up to 1,300W.