EBACE: LHT passes test milestone for 'chair' seat range

Lufthansa Technik (LHT) has passed all the required 9g European Technical Standard Orders (ETSO) maximum payload tests for its 'chair' family of seats for VIP and business jet aircraft.

The product range is now undergoing 16g tests and LHT is expecting to be granted European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) certifications for both categories in late summer 2015.

Chair will be available to customers with a complete supplemental type certificate (STC) "to minimise the risk and work for customers", says LHT.

All chair configurations are based on a primary seat structure which LHT says has been "perfectly adapted to the human body".

"Seatbacks in all different heights and with custom-contoured ribs, customised upholstery in any desired thickness, ergonomic features in armrests and seatbacks, and a wide variety of other flexible add-on elements allow hitherto undreamed-of versatility," says the company.