Brunei Airport commences operation of new baggage handling systems

Brunei International Airport has begun the partial operation of the new baggage handling and check-in systems at the new departure check-in hall, as part of the airport expansion and modernisation project.

With the partial opening of the new departure hall, selected sections of the existing departure check-in will be closed for renovation beginning late January.

Passengers will be able to access restaurant, coffee shops and other amenities, which will continue to be operational for some time.

Royal Brunei Airlines passengers will now be required to check-in at row A or B in the new departure check-in.


The Brunei International Airport's terminal modernisation and expansion project is being managed by the Brunei Economic Development Board (BEDB).

The project involves an investment of BN$130m ($100.20m), and seeks to improve the existing environment, appearance, quality of services as well as enhance public convenience, safety and comfort through the expansion of terminal floor areas.

As part of the project, the arrival and departure halls and check-in chambers will be equipped with a modern baggage handling system, close circuit camera system, CCTV, access control system, flight information display system, radio communication system and public announcement system.

The project aims to double the airport's annual capacity from the current 1.5 million passengers to 3 million passengers this year.

Changi Airport Consultants Contractors Private Limited and AECOM Asia Company Limited, a consortium of Singapore and Hong Kong have been appointed to take up the project work.

The project began in November 2011, and is expected to be completed in November this year.