Seven Australians suspected of joining militant groups detained at Sydney Airport

The Australian authorities have detained seven young men who were planning to board a flight to the Middle East from the Sydney International Airport to allegedly join militant groups.

The men were to board an initial flight to Malaysia on 12 August, and then travel to either Iraq or Syria. They were carrying a lot of cash along with other materials, reported The Daily Telegraph.

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott did not give details about the gender and age of the detained, but told the Australian that the incident had occurred earlier this month.

"This indicates the continuing allure of this death cult. It shows the importance of the most vigorous action at home and abroad to disrupt, to degrade, to destroy this menace to the freedom and the security of the world."

"This indicates the continuing allure of this death cult."

According to BBC, five men were initially taken off a flight and questioned. They were intercepted the next day, attempting to board another flight to leave the country.

In another incident, two more people suspected of having links with the five detainees were intercepted at the airport and questioned. These two also attempted to board a flight.

Australia has been working on strengthening its security measures at airports to prevent more citizens from joining terrorist organisations.

Recently, the government announced that it would install 92 new SmartGates at eight international airports over the next year to counter terrorism.