TSO Mobile is the 'Passenger-Centered' Solution for All Public Transportation Needs

TSO Mobile's public transportation solutions, such as the TSO Public Tracker, provide riders with monitoring capabilities that give them the ability to view exact locations and information on a variety of public vehicles. Passengers can view on a single screen the whereabouts of connected fleets in real-time to ensure not a minute is wasted.


TSO Mobile's latest technologies and innovations in the public transportation industry provide riders with powerful tools in the palm of their hand to ensure a pleasant riding experience. Passenger satisfaction is key to increased ridership and TSO Mobile provides solutions for agencies of all sizes and in different locations including towns in Gila County and Pinal County in Arizona as well as South Florida.

Seeing route navigations has become clear and easy for passengers with the Mobile App from TSO Mobile. With people constantly on the go, the Mobile App comes in handy with route information, frequent current and historical location updates in different map views through Google maps to provide a high level of reliability, and more. TSO Mobile is taking advantage of both the ability to share and receive information as quickly as possible and the advances in communication technology to bring riders an improved and more reliable transportation experience.


TSO Mobile's customizable all-under-one-roof public transportation solutions provide entities with valuable information on the drivers of their fleet. Driver reports based on custom behavior metrics can be easily generated to improve driver behavior and alerts can be connected to driving sensors.


TSO Mobile will be taking part in the 2017 APTA Annual Conference & Expo with product displays at booth 1714. The event will be held on October 8-11 at the Georgia Congress Convention Center. The EXPO represents all forms of public transportation as well as the companies that supply the necessary products and services of the industry, such as those provided by TSO Mobile.


About TSO Mobile
TSO Mobile is an innovative leader in Mobile Resource Management and logistics products and services. Established in 2002, TSO Mobile has a continuing striving record of providing cutting-edge web-based software solutions to commercial and consumer markets.

TSO Mobile proudly announces its customizable ELD platform as certified by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. PT Driver® mobile data terminals work along other transportation solutions such as Automated Passenger Counters (APCs) Audio Visual Automated Announcer (AVAS) and Anti-Bunching to promote good driving behaviors, happy drivers and increase productivity. Learn more at www.TSOPublicTransportation.com


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